Ways on How To Save a Dying Long Distance Relationship


No relationship stays the same after a few years, especially if you are dating someone who’s miles away. Several long-distance couples start to experience boredom after spending a couple of years together; some even fail to survive the test of time. After dating for a few years, one may start to feel that the love has gone away and the sparks die on its own. It is normal in every relationship. Every couple experiences this stage in dating. Yet, that is not a strong ground to give up.

International dating requires a lot of hard work and effort. As time goes by, affection toward each other begins to fade and arguments begin to occur more often than usual. However, it depends on the couple whether they will try to revive their relationship or not. It may seem depressing at times due to the lack of physical intimacy; however, just bear in mind that everything will be worth it at the end of the day.

What many people tend to do whenever their relationship gets tough is that they throw it right away without the courage of fixing it. Consequently, regrets are made afterward. In order to avoid such to happen, here are some ways on how to save a dying relationship:

Talk and be honest with each other. In a smooth-sailing conversation, talk to one another and find out what went wrong. Look back at each other’s promises of love and find out what happened to them as well. During this, it’s best that both of you will be honest and truthful about your feelings and intentions. Ask questions if you must, but never let your anger do the talking in order to avoid hurting each other.

Take a break. Giving up is not and will never be an option. If you really want to save your relationship, ask for space but do not say goodbye to your lover. You can take all the time that you need to cool your mind and think of your sweet beginnings. You deserve it. You deserve to breathe once in a while but after the said remedy, go back to your partner and try to fix what both of you had lost in the long run.

Remember why you started loving that person. Think back of your happy memories together. Remember that you were once the happiest person on earth because of that certain person. Reminisce every important and memorable thing you’ve shared together. Then, think if you have the guts to throw all of those memories away.

Communicate with each other as much as possible. After you have spoken about the problems in your relationship, try to communicate with each other as much as possible. You may set a schedule when to have a chat. This is a good way to better save your relationship. Get in touch and have small talks to regain what you have lost.

Learn new strategies to improve your relationship. If you think your set-up is putting you in dull moments, learn new strategies to improve your relationship. Do not just stick on lying on the bed at Friday night with a gadget on your lap. You may go out once in a while and bring your partner with you (while in skype, facetime, etc.). With a phone in hand, you may show your lover what you are enjoying at the moment. For instance, you may take her on a mobile tour while you’re carving her name on the snow or maybe on the nearby beach’s sand.

Be romantic. Do not let the sun set without giving your lover honest compliments. Be it small or big, it greatly matters. You may comment something good about your lover’s looks or his/her simple accomplishments for the day. Given that both of you cannot be physically intimate as of the moment, try to be affectionate even in front of your computer. That alone will save your dying relationship.

Stay committed. To keep the pace, you must stay committed to your lover. Know the value of commitment to make your relationship work because that’s how it should be. In a relationship, you must stay committed and faithful for your lover to trust you. See it as an opportunity that will slip through your fingertips when you lose balance. Do not take your relationship for granted and learn to be contented.

If you are on the verge of giving up in an international dating, think a million times if it’s worth it. When you come to realize that it’s not, try saving what you’ve lost with these given tips. Do not let your future plans be gone forever. Work your relationship out and make those plans turn into reality.


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