Top 5 Reasons Why Dating a Filipina is Worthwhile

Philippines. What comes in your mind when you hear such country name? Beautiful beaches? Majestic mountains? Big forests? Large buildings? Good food? Welcoming people? All of these greatly encapsulate the kind of pride that this Asian country upholds. Known to be the “Pearl of the Orient Seas”, Philippines is more than what you think it is. This stunning country houses some of the great wonders of the world. Moreover, the said country is known for raising the real gems of the Gems of the Orient –  Filipino women. Why are they considered as treasures? Is there really something special about them?

Filipinas or Philippine women are considered to be among the most beautiful personalities in Asia, or even in the whole world. Their beauty truly stands out among the rest, thus making names in the international stage. An example of this is through winning various awards in beauty pageants. However, there are a lot of things and attributes that go beyond that gorgeous image. For your convenience, here are the top 5 reasons why dating or getting acquainted with a Filipina is is indeed worthwhile.

Religious. Philippines’ dominant religion is Catholicism. During the Spanish regime, Catholicism was introduced to the Filipinos. Today, this religion is practiced nationwide--- one of the glaring proofs of its influence to the many lives of millions of Filipino people. During Sundays, as expected, the number of women attending masses is much higher than that of men. This religion encourages men and women to be worthy individuals and act out the values being taught to them. Having a religious and faithful partner means having a joyful and serene atmosphere in your home. And this is what these Filipinas are highly-known for. They can enlighten someone else’s life through applying the principles they have learned from the church and from their faith and devotion to the Divine Providence.

Hospitable. Filipinos are known to be the most welcoming individuals in Asia. This is what they are noted for. Being hospitable is nothing new to them anymore. For foreigners who have already visited the country, they are impressed with how these people have welcomed other races wholeheartedly. They always make sure that even your short visit in the country will be made memorable; this is manifested through satisfying your appetite with good food and by giving you the best accommodation.

Committed. One of the best traits a Filipina can give you is being committed to you and to your endeavors. They devote themselves to you by showing their full support and love on whatever you want in life. They can love you unconditionally and selflessly. They are dedicated and can be reliable anytime. All you need to do is to love whoever she is. Show her how much you care and for sure, she will reciprocate your efforts.

Family Oriented. For most Filipina women, family is the center of their lives. They treasure their families, making sure that love and respect are sufficiently showered inside their homes. They tend to make their families as their top priority. This is where you should take advantage on. Having a Filipina wife is like looking forward for a happy and fully-contented life. They can make your solitary life colorful and lively. You will have a home with clear organization and proper understanding between family members. If an ideal family setting is what you are looking for, then choosing to date a Filipina is worth the risk.

Marriage-minded. Marriage is a sanctified union from up above. For someone who is religious, this is an important aspect of their lives they need to experience until death. Filipinos believed that marriage should be taken seriously. This is why they have this so-called “Pamamanhikan” to plan out the details of their weddings and marriage in general. This resulted to a serious Filipino culture or tradition that everyone should follow. Having someone in your life who is marriage-minded is already a gift you should handle with care. Being marriage-minded means giving enough importance to a sacred union, and that is where Philippine women are proud of.

Consider all the given reasons why choosing to date a Filipina is not a waste of your time. Study these out and you’ll be grateful for sure. Maybe days from now, you’ll get to meet a Filipina. Or maybe months from now, you’ll get to tie the knot with her.


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