5 Signs That You’re Ready To See Each Other In Person

Online dating has proven to be an accessible bridge for people to meet their soulmates. Though it may be completely different compared to dating in real life, it still has its quirks. Being so accustomed with chatting and video calling, meeting in person for the first time can prove to be nerve-wrecking. It’s obvious as to why couples who date and met online would find it difficult to finally meet face to face. Before you pop the big question and book the next ticket to see her, here are 5 signs to know if you’re ready to see each other in person.

1. You’ve established trust

One important aspect committing to an online relationship is to establish trust. Without building trust with one another, seeing each other in person can have a lot of problems.  Before heading to the airport to meet your potential soulmate, it’s always a good idea to get to know her personality and what type of person she is online before meeting face to face. If you feel as though you two have a great amount of trust with each other, it’s probably time to set a date to finally meet.

2. Open-minded towards her culture

Before stepping foot into her country or homeland, it’s always ideal for any type of person to embrace and understand another culture than your own. It’s disrespectful to express your dislikes when being with her in person in her hometown. Make sure you do a little research on her culture with the do’s and don’ts to avoid offending her when having a casual conversation face to face.

3. The timing is right

One important sign that it’s time to see her is to know whether the timing is right for the both of you. If you happen to have things at home going smoothly such as your job or at home, you can safely book that ticket without having to worry leaving your house. Also, make sure that everything is alright on her side. You wouldn’t want to make her to change some plans or intrude with any special occasion on the way with your visit. Make sure the date of your visit wouldn’t affect any important schedules on your part as well as hers.

4. You’re both comfortable

It’s common sense to want to meet in person when the two of you have that sense of comfortability with one another. You wouldn’t want to have an awkward first encounter with her nor want her to freak out when you finally get to see her face to face. It’s ideal to build that sense of comfort in your relationship so things go smoothly when arriving to see her.

5. Thought about all the possible outcome

Lastly, an important sign to know if you’re ready to see her is to imagine and prepare for any possible outcome. You have to think of a plan B and to be safe, and plan C wouldn’t hurt. Plan steps ahead before making a decision when it comes to your relationship. Don’t just rush yourself to see your online partner when she gives the go signal. You have to think to yourself if there is anything that could happen during your visit and you have to be prepared for it.

Examples of these are your budget and luggage. Prepare your pocket money wisely in case for emergencies and to carefully pack your essentials in case you both decide to take a trip somewhere that requires a swimsuit, formal attire, or any type of outfit in particular.
Try to understand your partner so they may understand you as well in their own way. Finally meeting your online partner? Share with us your experience in the comments below, and while you’re at it, take a look at our other International Dating Advice Articles.


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