Ways on How To Save a Dying Long Distance Relationship

No relationship stays the same after a few years, especially if you are dating someone who’s miles away. Several long-distance couples start to experience boredom after spending a couple of years together; some even fail to survive the test of time. After dating for a few years, one may start to feel that the love has gone away and the sparks die on its own. It is normal in every relationship. Every couple experiences this stage in dating. Yet, that is not a strong ground to give up.
International dating requires a lot of hard work and effort. As time goes by, affection toward each other begins to fade and arguments begin to occur more often than usual. However, it depends on the couple whether they will try to revive their relationship or not. It may seem depressing at times due to the lack of physical intimacy; however, just bear in mind that everything will be worth it at the end of the day.
What many people tend to do whenever their relationship gets tough is that they throw it ri…

How To Make a Long Distance Relationship Work

A lot of people think and say that long distance relationship is never going to work. Some may agree and others may not. Most people around you like family or friends may discourage you to take risks in this kind of dating for the reason that only few are lucky enough to survive.
However, what they fail to know is that most long distance couples are the sweetest ones. The extra distance between the two of them helps them become more expressive to one another. Why? It is because no matter how hard the situation is, they are still trying to make it work in order to keep their love alive and to keep the fire burning.
A long distance relationship only depends on how much the couple wants to make their relationship really work. Nobody says engaging in a long distance relationship is easy. It will never be because it will require hard work, efforts and sacrifices--- lots of it. Only risk-takers and strong individuals can survive in this kind of dating. If you have been dating foreign women

Top 5 Reasons Why Dating a Filipina is Worthwhile

Philippines. What comes in your mind when you hear such country name? Beautiful beaches? Majestic mountains? Big forests? Large buildings? Good food? Welcoming people? All of these greatly encapsulate the kind of pride that this Asian country upholds. Known to be the “Pearl of the Orient Seas”, Philippines is more than what you think it is. This stunning country houses some of the great wonders of the world. Moreover, the said country is known for raising the real gems of the Gems of the Orient –  Filipino women. Why are they considered as treasures? Is there really something special about them?

Filipinas or Philippine women are considered to be among the most beautiful personalities in Asia, or even in the whole world. Their beauty truly stands out among the rest, thus making names in the international stage. An example of this is through winning various awards in beauty pageants. However, there are a lot of things and attributes that go beyond that gorgeous image. For your convenie…

Reasons Why You Should Date Younger Women

It’s not a largely kept secret that couples who are aged farther apart are normally viewed by society through condemnatory eyes. For most old-fashioned folks, seeing an individual dating a much younger or older partner usually brings about the mentality that one of them is simply doing so for financial stability. Due to the stigma that surrounds these types of relationships, people often feel discouraged from even considering the idea.
However, what most people do not realize, is that judging how others choose to live their lives will only serve to create limitations upon themselves; particularly in terms of dating and romance. The concept of dating someone who is much older or younger than you might seem unnatural at first, but it actually brings about numerous advantages. In line with this, discussed below are the reasons why you should date younger women.

Younger women tend to exude a more vibrant glow that goes along with youthful age. While most men are hesitant to admit it, the…

5 Signs That You’re Ready To See Each Other In Person

Online dating has proven to be an accessible bridge for people to meet their soulmates. Though it may be completely different compared to dating in real life, it still has its quirks. Being so accustomed with chatting and video calling, meeting in person for the first time can prove to be nerve-wrecking. It’s obvious as to why couples who date and met online would find it difficult to finally meet face to face. Before you pop the big question and book the next ticket to see her, here are 5 signs to know if you’re ready to see each other in person.
1. You’ve established trust
One important aspect committing to an online relationship is to establish trust. Without building trust with one another, seeing each other in person can have a lot of problems.  Before heading to the airport to meet your potential soulmate, it’s always a good idea to get to know her personality and what type of person she is online before meeting face to face. If you feel as though you two have a great amount of …

8 Important Reasons Why Long Distance Relationships are Worth It

It’s an open secret that long distance relationships are not easy. In fact, it’s no secret at all how hard it is when you are away from the person you love. Many online dating sites reviews have spoke about this truth. The nights in your bed are lonelier, the dates are always in front of a screen, and the anniversaries are always separated apart. You’ll have to face dark days with no one’s arms comforting you, sleep on your bed with the cold sheets cuddling your body, and be satisfied with hearing their voice in phone calls. It’s a tough feat but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the fight. There are multitudes of reasons why you shouldn’t give up on your international long distance relationship. Don’t start letting go just now because you feel like it’s not getting easier each day. Take a look at these reasons and you may just consider holding on to that hope that your relationship will work out just fine.

You are Never Alone With your partner away from you, it becomes really easy fo…

Common Family Encounters When Dating A Foreigner

For some reason, people get really excited when they find out their friend or family member is dating a foreigner. Everything just becomes more interesting when one of the couple comes from another part of the world. There are things people will encounter, when dating a foreigner, which they will not encounter when dating people from their local community.

Dating foreign women and men is unconventional in countries which are not as culturally diverse as the United States. And even in the most culturally-diverse places such as the States, some people who date foreigners would still turn the heads of some locals. Here are some of the things a person would commonly encounter with his or her family when dating a foreigner: They make a big deal out of their accent Especially if you are dating someone from the United Kingdom who speaks in British accent, you might as well expect people within your family or local community to be amazed at how they sound when they speak English. Some people te…